E-Sox Dropshot Lures

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E-Sox Dropshot Lures

E-Sox Dropshot Lures are ideal for perch, zander, pike and other predatory species. They are made from the highest grade, low-odour, plastic material. This is both durable and exceptionally soft to encourage predators to strike, grab hold and not let go! Each design works exceptionally well with dropshotting tactics, but they are equally effective with weighted jig heads and for jerking, twitching and vertical fishing. Each re-sealable packet of E-Sox Dropshot Lures, comes with a special fish oil booster. Unlike many lures, where the added scent helps to mask the smell of the plastic used (caused by polymer leach), ours is there to genuinely enhance the lures for even greater attraction. During testing, these lures were incredibly effective. Not only were they accountable for catching fish of all sizes, they were also responsible for several canal perch to just under 4lb, and reservoir perch to just under 5lb!

Curly Worms:

Similar to the lobworm but with a thinner, supple tail section to add extra movement and vibration. These 12.5cm (5in) worms can be fished relatively stationary on a standard dropshot or skipped and retrieved slowly causing the tail to spin and twist enticingly in the water. Available in packets of eight lures in Whisky Brown, Deep Purple, Blood Red and Chartreuse Lime patterns.


When it comes to the best bait for a perch it has to be a big juicy lob­worm, so these per­fect imit­a­tions are extremely real­istic. These measure 12.5cm (5in) long and are best fished just lightly nicked onto the hook, giving max­imum move­ment in the water. Each packet has eight lures and comes in Pearlescent White, Earthy Brown and Blood Red varieties.

  • Size: 5" (12.5cm)
  • 8 per pack