Fiiish Perfect Link Fluorocarbon

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Fiiish Perfect Link Fluorocarbon

This is the go-to leader for lure fishing - its refraction index is almost the same as water, making it almost invisible when fishing! The high abrasion resistance makes it perfect for using between your mainline and lure.

Available in 4 different breaking strains there is one to suit every style of lure fishing - the 9lb is designed for shore fishing meanwhile the 15lb, 23lb and 35lb is for boat fishing.

  • The 9lb comes supplied in a 20m spool whereas the 15lb, 23lb and 35lb come in 30m spools


Weight (lb/kg) Diameter (mm) PE Length (m)
9/4.1 0.255 2 20
15/6.8 0.345 4 30
23/10.5 0.415 6 30
35/15.9 0.553 10 30