Korum Snapper Cult Jig Rod

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Korum Snapper Cult Jig Rod

Bringing you predator rods that are designed, built, and crafted for the art of pursuit, and tailored to tame the true monsters of the deep, the Snapper Cult range of rods from Korum are far more than simply carp rods with 'Predator' written over them; they are targeted tools made for the heat of toothsome pursuit.

The Snapper Cult Jig Rod is tailored for soft lure work, and smaller specimen predator fishing, for species such as perch, but can also hold its own with small crank and spinnerbaits, making it a good choice if you're looking to get started in the predator discipline, and want to hone your skills at the smaller end of the hard-fighting spectrum.

A 7ft rod, with a casting weight of 10-30g, this sensitive, responsive rod has a solid backbone, and can be relied upon to go do the business when it comes to lighter lure work.

Anti-frap guides allow wear-free braid fishing, and the overall finish on the rod is one of quality craftsmanship, that's tailored for performance.

  • Designed primarily for soft lure fishing
  • More than capable of handling small crankbaits or spinners
  • Provides a solid backbone for setting the hook
  • Features a sensitive but fast-recovering tip
  • Great for registering bites and imparting action on your lures
  • Handle designed to provide comfort
  • Maximum feedback through your fingertips
  • Features lightweight anti-frap guides
  • Purposely built for use with thinner braids
  • 2 sections
  • Casting weight: 10-30g