Vass Breathable Chest Waders 305 5L Boot Foot Non Studded

Vass Breathable Chest Waders 305 5L Boot Foot Non Studded

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Vass Breathable Chest Waders 305 5L Boot Foot Non Studded

The Vass Breathable Chest Waders Boot Foot Non Studded have been designed and developed for rougher element fishing, areas around beaches and estuaries where sand and weed and grit are encountered. The well tested and trusted Vass boots have been integrated in, with the upper body being very tough, fully breathable with realistically 3 times more water resistant than other leading companies waders.

Vass have developed a stitch technology called Vass Ultra 25mm Triple Bond Non Stitch Technical Seam, which gives a solid waterproof weld that just won't leak.

These waders are just as much at home on the river as they are in the sea, so if you are a multi discipline angler, these are the waders for you.

  • Tougher Fully Breathable Vass-Tex 305 material
  • Vass-Ultra (Ultra wide 25mm triple bonded seams)
  • Super Reinforced knees
  • Chest pocket with zipper
  • Elasticated detachable waist belt
  • 2 D-Rings on chest for attaching tools 
  • Box stitch reinforcement with an elasticated brace loop and a quick release buckle
  • Internal zip pocket
  • Internal draw cord around chest area
  • Large heal kicker grip at boot
  • High Quality Vass Boot, wider calf and foot fitting for comfort

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